Monday, January 4, 2010

a new decade!

wow- did we really make it to another decade? Crazy to think about! 10 years ago for New Year's, we were in Chicago with our good friends, Kelly and Jose (and Migs too) trying to decide if we should go downtown. Decided to stay in with all the scary Y2K rumors going around. LOL

The last 10 years have provided some great excitement and sadness. Random things I'm remembering about the last 10 years

1. in 2001, we welcomed our first child, a boy, on Sept 13th. Two days before, America was shaken by the tragic events of 9/11.
2. we bought our first house in April 2001.
3. We sold our first house in July 2003 and moved back to Springville (across from my parents) in Sept 2003.
4. Feb 2004, found out we we were pregnant with our 2nd baby.
5. May 2004, miscarried our sweet baby boy that I still think of as "Ben" in my head- he was a Triploid baby
6. July 2004, found out we were expecting again! WOW- that was fast!
7. Oct 2004, found out we were having a girl, who we would name "Ashlynne Rae" because her name had to have 17 letters in it.
8. 2005, welcomed our baby girl, on Feb 27th. Beau started working at IITI, the same company his dad worked at for many years when we were in high school
9. I broke my two toes 1 week after Ashlynne was born (ironically, on her original due date)
10. Summer 2005, Beau coached his first year at Wash
11. Feb 2006, rescued a dog, who Cade named Prince
12. May 2006, rescued a cat, who I call "Momma" because she popped out 2 kitties on June 15th (3 days prior to her scheduled spay). We named the babies Milo and Otis, but Otis died. We still have Milo, so we officially have a "zoo" at our house. LOL
13. Apr 2000, Beau was honorably discharged from the Marines. We went to the Final Four in Indianapolis, where Mich St won. I started working at Vz (then called Worldcom, Inc) and have been here since
14. 2005, Brittany and Mark became engaged and I decided to finally lose some weight- ended up losing 40 lbs and have since gained 20 back! :)
15. May 2007- celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss. still so in love!
16. Sept 2007- our first baby started Kindergarten
17. Summer 2008, Beau made the switch back to Springville softball.
18. 2009- bought season tix to the Iowa football games and we LOVE it
19. Sept 2009- went to DisneyWorld for Cade's 8th birthday
20. May 2009- find out from the TV that our good friends, Sheri (31), Garett (11) and Gavin (9) were murdered in Columbia, IL. Sheri's husband and the boy's father, Chris, has been charged with their murders. I can honestly say that I think about the three of them often and my heart re-breaks every time.

I'm sure I forgot some, but that's ok. This is my blog and it won't be perfect. I will try to finally get some pictures on here. We got our camera charged again (lost the charger in FL) and finally have the Disney pics I can post!

Hope everyone has a great 2010! Please keep checking in!