Monday, June 23, 2008

Hi all

Ok, so I've been so fascinated by all of my friend's blogs that I decided to start one. I love catching up with people through blogs, so I thought his might be a way for people to keep in touch with me.

This morning is Monday, June 23rd and I should be working, but my stinking wireless won't work, so I can't work. As soon as Ashlynne gets up, I will be taking her to mom's and heading into Terry's to use her internet. This week is our busy week at work and I cannot afford to not work. For those of you that don't know, I will be working from home for probably the next 2 weeks because the Vz Business building downtown that I work in still doesn't have power from the recent floods. The nice thing is that we have the option to work from home, but I tell you, I have never missed the office so much. Social interaction, being able to ask someone a question, etc.

We are almost all the way done with Beau's softball season. He has his last 2 conference games this week and then we have districts already next Wednesday. Seems so hard to believe- they moved the season up and shortened it, so to be done this early is new to us. They are having a great season and have even been ranked this year. They have some losses- but most of them are to ranked 4A schools they played at some tournaments (Burlington, Jefferson, Johnston, Des Moines East). They have 2 conference losses as well- to Cascade. Hopefully, they'll complete a sweep of both teams they play this week and will wrap up the conference championship.

Cade has been crazy busy this summer already. He got out of school May 30th (Friday) and was devastated that school was over. He likes school and loved his teacher (who is leaving Springville to teach at West Branch next year, which is where she lives). The following Monday, he had swimming lessons at the Anamosa pool- he got a ride a bus to and from the pool and that was the coolest part about it for him, I think. :) Swimming lessons were those first 2 weeks of summer (June 2-June13). Then, this last week, June 16-June 19, he has VBS at the Methodist Church. So, he's been very busy.

We decided to kind of send him to "daycare" this summer... just on M/W/F's with his friend, Raeleigh. It's more of a "daycamp", where they do all sorts of fun things (including field trips). His first day was last Friday, June 20th, and they had a field trip to the Playstation. I thought it was going to be hard to get him up at 6am, but he was so excited to go, he was standing at the front door waiting for them to come at 6:35 (the were picking him up at 7).

He was invited to go camping this past weekend as well with his friend, Paxton, and his family (their friend, Dustin, went too). Sounds like they had a great time. They left Saturday after their PeeWee game at 9am. They went to Jellystone and Yogi Bear and Boo Boo were there. It was actually Boo Boo's birthday and it sounded like it was a blast- they had a dance and sang happy birthday to Boo Boo! I was jealous- I told Cade that next time I wanted to go! :)

He has Cub Scout camp this week (Tues-Fri) at Camp Waubeek, so he went with Raeleigh again this morning and then the rest of the week, he'll be at Camp. I am going with him on Wednesday, so I think that will be fun! He is really excited about Cub Scouts. Beau and I were both kind of apprehensive at first- it was never something we pictured our son doing, but Cade is all for it, so I'm happy to let him do it.

He has his last week of PeeWee this week and then he'll be free of that. He is very excited for our vacation in August (we're going to Minnesota with Beau's family) that he keeps asking when it will be. If only they had a sense of time...

Ashlynne isn't nearly as busy, BUT there has been 1 blessing of me being home this past week. We have her pretty much potty trained! Yeah- and of course, I just bought a new package of diapers. Isn't that always how it goes?? :) I just love the summer and the summer dresses that go along with it... I am dressing her up now because I'm sure it won't be long and she'll be wanting to wear sweats. :-)

That's about it for now- hope everyone checks back in. I'll try not to be obsessive compulsive and blog everyday! I'm sure I couldn't have that much to blog about- our lives aren't that exciting!

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