Sunday, June 29, 2008


nothing really new to post... we're all tired- which really isn't anything new either. I just finally got Ashlynne to sleep on the couch after about a half hour of her bawling her head off in her crib. (Cade fell asleep in about 2 minutes). =) So, now I'm just relishing in the quiet time. Although, I might lie down here soon- it's been a long week with work (hell week). I worked a lot today - and thank goodness for Brittany and Mark who came over this morning to grout our bathroom floor. They kept the kids entertained for a while- Beau is gone all day at meetings for softball (all-conference, all-district). I really should be cleaning, but I would rather take a quick nap now and then clean later. That's my motto- clean later. :)

Cade has a slower week this next week, but still relatively busy. He'll go with Raeleigh M/W/F and actually be home with me Tues/Thurs. I'm hoping he can go to Gma Harry's one of those days because he sure misses her. She hasn't been been feeling good, so we'll have to see. Cade is going on a field trip Wednesday to see the movie Wall-E. I'm jealous- he gets to do so many fun things! :)

Sis and I will probably just hang out again this week- they're still talking like 2 more weeks before we can go back to work. we're just playing it by ear.

This week is a big one for Beau- he start districts on Wednesday (against HLV @ S-ville). Christina is coming home this week- YEAH!!!!! and then we're going to a 4th of July party in Ames to see Brittany and Mark's finished house. It should be a fast week!

Hope all is well with everyone

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