Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Doctors, surgerys and hospitals

so, today, i'm writing to ask for everyones thoughts and prayers for my family in the coming 10 days. You see, my Aunt Teri (Uncle Jeff's wife) had a massive stroke in January following a hysterectomy. She had to have a surgery at that time to remove part of her skull to give her brain room to swell. She is having the surgery tomorrow to put her skull back together. I know she is very nervous about this surgery. We all know Teri is so strong though- she'll fly through with flying colors. She does have a terrible headache that she's had since Sunday and we're hoping it's just stress. so, everyone, please keep her in your thoughts tomorrow during the surgery and in the coming weeks while she recovers.

My Uncle Jeff (Teri's husband) is struggling too right now with some medical issues. At Thanksgiving last year, he couldn't keep any food down- it wasn't like he was sick, but like the food wouldn't get past a part in his throat. Now that he's 124 lbs and it still happens all the time (he was I think 180 lbs before), he finally went to a Gastro doctor (don't know the full name). =) they think something is wrong with his esophogus, so he has to have a procedure done next Friday (7/25) to blow up his esophogus with a balloon to make the hole bigger and see if that helps.

THENNNN, my grandma has been sick for a while- they're not quite sure what's wrong with her... but she had colon cancer a few years back and she has to have another colonoscopy. Hopefully that comes back with good news and she just has a virus or something.

so, in general, just keep us all in your thoughts and i'll keep you posted.

a couple funny things my sweet boy has said recently...

"Dad, I'm getting armpit hair". Beau told him, no, you're not. He said- yes, come feel it. (he had a rash under his armpit that he thought was hair). too funny

then, this morning, my sweet boy asked me what butter was made from. he said- oh, ya, milk. i said, ya, and fat. He goes how do they get the fat in there? do they cut someone's belly open and put the fat in the butter?

They're telling us maybe Thursday or Friday we can get back in the office- YEAH!!!!!!!

I'm going to Peoria this weekend to see my cousin, Erin, with her sister, Shannon. Girls' weekend! should be fun- i'm sure i'll miss the kids (and of course, Beau) and by Sunday, I'm always ready to come home, but it's a fun time away. Cade had a birthday party for his friend, Dustin, Saturday afternoon, so I'm sure that will be fun for him.

Side note- we're going to Adventureland next Thursday (6/24) and yesterday morning when Ashlynne got up, she asked me if we were going today. I told her no- 10 days. She said- i want to go on the ferris wheel first. I told her, yes, honey, I know- you tell us every day. Then she tells me that she wants to ride that big boat though - b/c it tickles her tummy. Now, how does that girl remember that???

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