Thursday, July 17, 2008

exciting stuff

so, my sweet 6 year old (almost 7) lost his first tooth today. It's his bottom right. He was so excited when he showed me it was loose on Tuesday night that he couldn't sleep! I think he feels behind from his classmates because they'll all lost one (if not more) tooth - and he's one of the oldest in his class! :) It didn't take long for it to come out- we went to TX Roadhouse tonight. We were supposed to go to the Kernel's game to watch the Springville Girls' Basketball team get honored for winning State this past year, but the weather had to postpone that. You should heard Ashlynne whining that we were going to TX Roadhouse- darnit, she wanted POPCORN! :) you can tell that girl has been to some games in her lifetime. Anyway- back to the tooth- Cade told us at the beginning of supper that his tooth was really loose- that it wouldn't come back forward- it was only staying back (before he had been apparently able to wriggle it). Anyway- not too long into supper- and out it came. Cade has the tiniest teeth I have ever seen- he takes after his Aunt Christina- but I think they're even smaller than hers! So, I kept the tooth in my pocket for safe-keeping. Ashlynne then told us all through dinner about how she was losing teeth too!

So, Cade falls asleep in the truck on the way home- so I'm thinking "good, he won't remember his tooth and we can wait until tomorrow night to put it under his pillow". the only reason i was thinking this was because I wanted to be there in the morning when he wakes up excited to find what the tooth fairy left. Tomorrow morning, I'm leaving to work with Beau (bright and early) so I don't assume Cade is going to be up. :( So, anyway- of course, he didn't forget the tooth. Half asleep he wanted it - so we put it under his pillow. I gave him 7 quarters. I had no idea how much to give him and wanted it to be something special since it was his first. Since I wasn't expecting it to fall out so quickly, I wasn't exactly prepared. I was going to ask around and see what other people had done- or I thought of like a silver dollar or a $2 bill- something unique. But since i had neither of those things- 7 quarters it was... 1 quarter for each year he is old and then 1 extra one since he lost his FIRST tooth. I wrote him a note from the tooth fairy with my left hand- hopefully he'll be able to read it! Beau, of course, thinks I'm an idiot. he told me at supper that I was more excited than Cade was (probably) ;)

exciting news on ashlynne- my good friend, Stacey, and I signed up our girls for dance today. You see, Stacey and I danced together for years, so this seems so perfect. I could hear the excitement in both our voices as we signed them up, visited their classroom, saw where we could peek in (the viewing window), reminisced about how our moms did the same thing and then we got to see all the cute leotards and shoes! The sad thing is I think my mom kept all my dance shoes, so Sis may be able to wear some of my old pairs- how perfect would that be! They get to take ballet AND tap though - and i'm not sure we did tap so young- so I may have to buy tap shoes anyway.

update on Teri's surgery- all went well. She either comes home tomorrow or she IS home now, i wasn't sure which when I talked to mom. i know this morning she already had her IVs out and she was up eating breakfast. So, that's great news- i knew she could do it!

well, i'm off to peoria in the morning- i'll post next week probably!

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