Wednesday, July 9, 2008

it's over

What's over, you ask? 2 things...

1. Softball. Our Springville Orioles lost a heartbreaker tonight to North Mahaska. I don't believe they were the better team, but they hit the ball hard and we left a lot of runners on base. This season was magical- the kids, the parents, the community, have all been great. We loved our time at Wash, but this just felt right. It's too bad that it's over. I can't help but be a little happy to have our "daddy" back.

2. The ability to have babies. :) I took the leap and had a procedure called "Essure" done yesterday. Therefore, there will be no more Beau and Jaime Zaruba babies. I got a little teary eyed yesterday before it started- partly because I think I was realizing the decision I was making (and I'm not regretting it at all) and also because I was nervous as hell. Those of you that know how squemish I am with needles, doctors, surgery, etc. But it was cake- any one that wants to be done having babies, I highly recommend. I also highly recommed Dr. Jason Rexroth- has to be the best doctor on the face of the earth.

I posting this now at 11pm because I'm not tired. I slept pretty much all day today because I was still doped up. They gave me Valium and Perkoset (sp?) before the surgery, then gave me a shot of Terodol at the surgery. Then I was on 800mg Ibuprofen and Perkoset again afterwards. Totally loopy! You should have heard how much I talked during that 20 minute surgery- it was funny. I could tell I was talking a lot and I asked them if everyone talked so much and they said- yes, keep talking- this is the best part! :) I think I can officially say that I have now been drunk- or know what it feels like to be drunk anyway!

That's all I'll post for now- hope everyone is well. Let me know if you are reading my blog at all-

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