Friday, July 25, 2008


so, this week has been not what i expected...

I had a great time in Peoria- when I got home, Beau had made supper for the kids and me and it was awesome to be back. This week is "hell week" as Grandma calls it for me. Grandma had her colonoscopy on Monday- the results came back that all the polyps were non-cancerous- so that's great news!

We didn't get to go to Adventureland yesterday because the weather looked awful all day. so, we've tentatively rescheduled for 8/7. Aunt Brittany wants to take Cade and Ashlynne afterwards and take them to a Dinosaur Museum on Friday- they will LOVE that. Hopefully it works out.

Cade got to go to Wasserbahn Water park today (in Amana) with Daycamp- he had a great time. We went to a "birthday" party tonight for our good friend, Michelle Garrison, and her daughter, Molly. They share a birthday. Michelle turned 30 and Molly 2. I asked Michelle what it feels like to be 30 since I'm going to know in 9 days. =( The kids were wiped when we got home- Cade even fell asleep in the car.

I was going to blog about some other news that I found out today but I'm going to hold off until I know more (should be Monday) - which would be why my week "didn't turn out as expected".

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Kel&Migs said...

heeeelllllooooo?!?!?!!? Why did you stop, Jaime? Got burnt on blogging? If anything, Cade may like to read it when he gets older, like mom's diary sort-of-thing. Just a thought. Hope all is well!

Love ya!